👥😃😁International Friends Language Exchange

This is a past event

57 people went


(日本語 ⬇)
Hello, everyone is welcome!
Come and join to have fun, make new friends✨
This event is for Japanese and foreigners, so you can speak Japanese/English or any other language 😊.
Most people come alone, everybody is friendly here, so is easy to make new friends with Japanese and international people too.

In Dan Dan English Cafe you will enjoy a relaxed and very friendly evironment. You can come by yourself or with friends 😄👍

Fee ¥ 1.500 ( 2 drinks included)
Ladies ¥1.000 (2 drinks included)
FOREIGNERS ¥ 1.000 (2 drinks included. You need to show your ID or passport) 😉

*DRINKS: beer, cocktails, wine, sangria, sodas, juice, coffee, tea, etc...
NO SMOKING INSIDE 🚭, only outside

Note: This event is promoted in other websites, so expect more people to join it. No soliciting, advertising or sales of any kind is allowed to other members.
Thank you 😄


ダンダンカフェは、とてもアットホームな雰囲気なので、一人でも、お友達と一緒に参加でも、どちらでも大丈夫ですよ!チャージ ¥1500(2ドリンク込み:ビール、ワイン、サングリア、ソーダ、ジュース、コーヒー、紅茶、etc... )
Fee ¥ 1.500 ( 2 drinks included)
Ladies ¥1.000 (2 drinks included)
NO SMOKING INSIDE 🚭, only outside