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Sharing Meditation or "Doing the Work of Bryon Katie" Inquiry and Meditation

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We have two different types of meditations that assist in "inquiry". Inquiry is the ability to express thoughts,emotions or situations that are bringing us stress and to use structured methods that help us untangled from that which has a grip on us.

On most Monday evenings we have a "Sharing" Meditation based on the structures from The Path of Love. Sometimes we offer "The Work of Byron Katie", which is facilitated by Paul Welch - a certified Byron Katie facilitator.

Here are more details about each type of meditation:

Sharing Meditation: A Sharing Meditation is a safe place to learn the art of expressing your feelings and thoughts. The emphasis is on allowing expression in a safe and non-confronting atmosphere. The structure is 10 -15 minutes sharing and 5 minutes feedback( if desired). The sharing group is leaderless & all discussion is confidential.

The meditation could last till 9pm. Cost: This money goes towards maintaining the meditation spaces & park-like grounds. $7 per meditation or $5 with a 10 meditation pass, which costs $50 (valid 1 year); Unlimited monthly pass for 30 days - $50.00.

The Work of Byron Katie: "The Work of Bryon Katie" is about doing inquiry on stressful thoughts which are not adding to your peace, your ongoing healing, and actually, your joy! It’s very simple. What you don’t love about your body, your finances, your partnerships, your job, your spirituality or your personality, in uncensored honesty IS your list of stressful thoughts. They are all related. Each belief you do the Work on is related in constellations to other beliefs, so as you “undo” one belief, you are undoing its’ sisters and brothers. More peace, more space, more calm, more you.

Paul Welch, a Certified Byron Katie Facilitator in the Work & a Certified Counselor in Wa will facilitate these Monday Mini- Workshops. He has given sessions and facilitated workshops and trainings in Europe, USA and Canada since 1981. Since 2005, he has participated in and staffed numerous 9 day Schools and other events of Byron Katie. We feel very blessed that Paul is coming to The World of Meditation to skillfully guide us through Bryon Katie's Work.

Cost: The money goes towards Paul's travel costs, time and maintaining the meditation spaces and park-like grounds. $15.00, Time: 6:45pm – 9:15pm. Paul has requested that the door be closed at 7pm, to ensure uninterrupted time.

Check our Website Calendar for all the details of tonight's meditation and to see which of the two "inquiry" meditations we are doing this Monday.

We hope you can make it!

Subhan and Shanti

We are located in a residential neighborhood. There are many parking spaces ( at least 9) in the large driveway in front, and and several more on NE 115th St., as well as virtually unlimited parking on 35th Ave, NE. Look for the stained-glass butterfly in the window on the top level.


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