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We have a great celebration with Osho lovers and sanyasins ;


We have an AWESOME two day event planned for all friends and Osho lovers!

As many friends are traveling from far away distance, we shall have welcome dinner at 0830pm on Friday evening. You may join us live meeting with Osho connected with Pune , India from 0630 pm to 0830pm.

Please join us Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st for our Osho Spring Celebration! There will be an awe-inspiring program along with hugs, meditation, singing and dancing.

The Celebration will begin Saturday morning at 8:00 AM with Osho active Meditation and will end Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM.

We are thrilled and honored to have two loving sannyasins, Swami Krishna Prem and Swami Prem Isa to lead the activities. Prem means love, and these two truly live up to their names!

On Saturday, Swami Krishna Prem, affectionately known as KP, from Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, will facilitate his meditation Playshop. Also known as Michael Mogul, KP has been a devoted sannyasin of Osho for many years and is well known and loved throughout the Osho World. He has taught meditation in many countries and is the author of the captivating book, Gee You Are You. Each participant will receive a free autographed copy of his book.

On Sunday, Swami Prem Isa, assisted by Ma Anand Malika, from Osho Dharmadip Meditation Center in Lake Lure, NC, will conduct a Sharing/question/answer session. Then Isa will lead the Vipassana Meditation. You will fall in love with them both, and your life will be enriched tremendously.

Both KP and Isa will offer personal sessions in which you can seek guidance and insight into your problems.

What a rare occasion to meet both KP and Isa in one place! It will be a memorable lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss!

There are a limited number of seats. Many friends from Raleigh, Washington DC, Charlotte, Dallas and other cities are coming.


You may book your hotel room at Comfort Inn and suites at 6209 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC. Call the hotel at[masked] and ask for the Osho group rate of $55.00 plus tax. You may arrive Friday, April 29th. Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Celebration will be available free of charge.

Delicious Indian Vegan food will be provided both days. We anticipate a one-time contribution of $80 per participant which includes the Celebration, food and book.

Please call[masked] or[masked] for questions or assistance.


Krishna Prem left America over forty years ago in search of himself. Arriving in India, he met Osho his teacher and friend, who simply said: "If you really want to know who you are, be a joke unto yourself. Do not take yourself so seriously."


“Meditation means the capacity to be absolutely alone, and love means the capacity to be absolutely together. Love means rejoicing relatedness. Meditation means rejoicing solitude, aloneness. Both do the same work, because on both the paths the ego disappears." Osho

In this three hour Playshop, we will explore together the mysteries of life, love and meditation. Love is the feminine way to enlightenment and meditation is the masculine way.

Personal note from Krishna Prem: “I have uploaded a radio interview from Amsterdam (below). I conducted this interview before entertaining 65 friends at the American Book Center. The interview speaks of my ‘Playshop’ and what a participant can come to expect. Just click on my third eye and enjoy.” Love is, kp

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For more information on KP and his book, go to: (

Videos of KP:

Krishna Prem’s Blog:


Isa and Malika have been devoted sannyasins of Osho for many years and are loved by many friends. They have been together 48 years. In 1978, they went to India, fell in love with Osho and took sannyas. During their departing Darshan, Osho asked Isa to go out into the world and lead groups. After they returned to the US, Isa followed Osho’s guidance. He created Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™ (I AM NOW™) the Crystallization of Self, which is based on his own adventure in self discovery. He has led groups, seminars and Adventures in I AM NOW™ for many years and is currently writing a book on this topic.

Isa, also known as Dr. Barry J. Naster, received his MS and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He was clinical director of the Intensive Residential Treatment Program at the Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida in Tampa for 15 years. His expertise won him the first Outstanding Achievement Award in Academics at USF. He has authored many professional books, journals, chapters in journals and magazine articles. He has spoken to a vast array of audiences and has been a guest speaker on numerous TV and radio programs. His work on awareness has been incorporated into various state, county, city and private facilities and organizations.

Malika, also known as Shirlea Naster, received her BS and BA degrees from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. For many years she was a secondary school teacher in Alabama, Illinois and Florida. She received the Outstanding Young Educator Award for Marion County in Ocala, FL in 1969. She was also a mental health counselor in Florida and North Carolina. Malika has been director of the Osho Dharmadip Meditation Center in St. Petersburg, FL and Lake Lure, NC for a total of 37 years. She enjoys being a co-facilitator with Isa, being an I AM NOW™ Life Coach and singing, dancing and editing.

On his soul searching quest to know himself, Isa meditated daily and explored deeply and thoroughly every nook and crevice of his mind. In 1992, he woke up to the joys of NOW by making the quantum leap from a world of conditioning and illusion to a world of oneness and unity. Shortly thereafter, he and Malika left their professional careers behind and moved to scenic Lure, NC. At Celestial Waters, their beautiful secluded mountain retreat, they invite friends to join them for Osho Meditation events and I AM NOW™ Adventures.

Isa’s passion is being a vehicle for others who wish to wake up. With meditation and his own unique version of mindful cognitive psychology, he guides you from an intellectual understanding to an experiential exploration of your mind and beyond. He helps you to see how YOU can break free of your mind’s chains and move into a wondrous world of awareness and freedom!

For more information see: Isa’s Web Site. (

Link to photos of Isa & Malika’s event at Osho Meditation Group Raleigh in September 2012:[masked]

Link to photos of Isa & Malika’s November 2013 event in the DC area at Osho Sangham Meditation Center (Fairfax Osho Meditation Meet up):[masked]

Google link to Awakening to NOW:

“Awakening to Now” with Malika and Isa (