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Learn how to get what you want, in the fastest way possible.

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Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to luck out, while you are just struggling to get by? Come and find out how to be more successful than even those people. Learn the scientific methods how to attract money, fame, love - quickly. All these things are waiting for you in the Bank of Karma. Learn how to make a withdrawal and manifest these things in you life now.

Come to an free introductory session at the Learning Light, at 1212 e. Lincoln, Anaheim Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 12:30

The Four Promises
Every true religion makes four promises:
With Michael C. Weir
!. You have enough wealth to support you and your family.
!!. You are loved by yourself, your partner, your family, your
!!! You live the perfect life.
!!!! You come to know GOD completely.

This is a three part series of classes that will show you how to achieve each of these promises in your life.

The first class (Tues. May 21st) will show how to use gemstones to change your negative karma ( health issues – cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc: lack of money: loneliness) to positive. Mantras will be combined with these gemstones to supercharge you with good karma. There will be a brief discussion how herbs and vitamins increase the flow of energy (Kundalini) in your physical body. Finally the use of all three will be combined to show how you can draw closer to GOD and his Love.

The second class (Tues June 18th) will show how to attract anything you want through the use of Tantric methods. Here, you will awaken the Kundalini and learn how to apply the awakened Kundalini to manifest your desires in the fastest possible way. You may have heard of the Secret and Quantum Jumping as ways to manifest your desires. Here you will be shown how Tantra is so much faster, sometimes working as quickly as 24 hours. More importantly, you will learn what karma you have prevents your desire from manifesting, and how to overcome these obstructions.

Finally, the last class (June 25th) will demonstrate the power of the awakened Kundalini to give you special abilities and how they are gifts from GOD. There is a list of them in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (3rd chapter – the accomplishments).

All classes are 2 hours in length 7-9 pm.
The cost is $20 per class