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New Year Celebration with Osho White Robe Evening meeting

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You are invited to celebrate New Year Celebration with Osho White Robe Evening meeting

Doors open at 6:00 pm to be ready for 6:30 pm, (we change into white robes for this event*see below this message for more information*) which will be the beginning of the Evening meeting.

The evening meeting is the time when everyone comes together to dance and celebrate and then to sit silently. "That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define. This is the highest peak of the whole day's working, meditating or doing groups in the Commune." Osho The meditation starts with 10 minutes of high energy celebration where everybody is invited to participate and dance with totality. It reaches its climax with three shouts "Osho, Osho, Osho". In this context "Osho" is used as a sound, which helps to raise the energy even higher. He says of the word Osho, "It is not my name, it is a healing sound derived from William James' 'oceanic.'" This is followed by ten minutes of sitting silently with closed eyes. The more totality is brought to the celebration, the deeper the silence will go. During this time music alternates with silence, which is ended by three loud drumbeats. The silent sitting then continues to the sound of an Osho Videotape

Osho has described his speaking as a meditation. Just listening, the mind stops and we come into a state of silence, where we can access our inner core of our being, restoring energies and bringing us to a blissful state of relaxed awareness.

"The people who are with me are not my followers, they are just my friends. And my whole teaching is that they should become more and more independent of any organized religion, of any gurudom, they should be more individual and they should think for themselves. I do not teach faith. On the contrary I teach the reasoning, skepticism, intelligence, because faith has been the failure of the whole humanity. The people who believe are going to become blind. Every belief makes you blind. So my whole effort is to destroy all your beliefs, to deprogram you, and to leave you alone to be yourself."

Osho, The Last Testament, Volume 5, Chapter 18

About the wearing of white robes: the white is to signify purity, and we come to this event freshly bathed, wearing white as a symbol of our innocence and purity. If you don'tave a white robe, any white clothes will be fine. Some white robes will be available for purchase should you wish to have one.

There is no fee charged for this event, however donations will be gratefully accepted to help cover expenses.

Contact email: [masked]

Or call Govind @[masked], and Rubai or Sumiran @[masked]

General Disclaimer -

I agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personal physical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation. It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation in meditations and celebrations. These are informal gathering of friends of Osho who want to meditate in the group. The meetup group is not part of or affiliated to any formal organization in Canada or abroad. The group is not selling or promoting or providing any service. The group is a non profit platform for friends to come together for group meditation. Meditations are offered at private homes of the host or at rented space. I understand I am participating by my own will and I understand that I will take care of myself, my health, and well being during the whole event

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