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Osho Dynamic Meditation-Route to knowing your innerself

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Price: CA$5.00 /per person
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Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic Meditation is a highly active and energizing meditation that opens breathing, body, and inner energies, followed by witnessing and dancing. It lasts for one hour and has five stages.

All are welcome, new to meditation and experienced. Detailed instructions with Osho audio instructions, and live demonstration are provided.

Our programs are based on Osho's revolutionary teachings and meditation methods.

Suggested Contribution:

Recommended amount $5+ per person to cover cost for renting space and other associated costs.

For more information: e-mail us @ [masked]

or call Rubai :[masked]


10:30 AM - Arrival.

10:35 AM - Instructions for Dynamic Meditation followed by hour long Dynamic Meditation.

12:00PM - Osho Video Discourse or Audio Discourse

12:30 pm - Sharing & Closing


Loose clothing recommended. Maroon Meditation robe or atheletic clothing. Best not to eat two hours before meditation, as this is an active technique.

Live demonstration will be provided. Dynamic is a very active, music driven and physically involved cathartic meditation to create the space for meditation to happen. Online you can find more information on Dynamic Meditation here- or

Osho Speaks About Dynamic Meditation:

"Cathartic methods are modern inventions. In Buddha’s time they were not needed because people were not so repressed. People were natural, people lived primitive lives—uncivilised, spontaneous lives. So Vipassana---vipassana means insight—was given by Buddha directly to people.

But now you cannot go into Vipassana directly. And the teachers who go on teaching Vipassana directly don’t belong to this century; they are two thousand years backward. Yes, sometimes they may help one or two persons out of one hundred persons, but that can’t do much.

I am introducing cathartic methods, so that first what the civilization has done to you can be undone, so you can become primitive again. From that primitiveness, from primal innocence, insight becomes easily available." - Osho

General Disclaimer -

I agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personal physical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation. It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation in meditations and celebrations. These are informal gathering of friends of Osho who want to meditate in the group. The meetup group is not part of or affiliated to any formal organization in Canada or abroad. The group is not selling or promoting or providing any service. The group is a non profit platform for friends to come together for group meditation. Meditations are offered at private homes of the host or at rented space. I understand I am participating by my own will and I understand that I will take care of myself, my health, and well being during the whole event.