What we're about

This non commercial and volunteer professional group is for anyone who wants to be a part of the Design Sprint community in Oslo.


Oslo Design Sprint Meetup series is organized and hosted by Computas ( https://computas.com/en ).

This group of Design Sprinters is for leaders in Innovation and Business Strategy, Product Managers, Business Designers, Design Leads, Dev Leads, Startup Founders, Corporate Execs, UX Designers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Marketers, Innovation Workshop Facilitators, Agile Coaches and to anyone both looking to solve complex problems and keen to learn more about human centered approaches to creative problem solving through design thinking and have fun by doing so.

Whether you’re following the Google Venture, (https://www.gv.com/sprint/) Google (https://designsprintkit.withgoogle.com/introduction/overview), "Fresh Tilled Soil / InnoLoft / thoughtbot (http://www.designsprintbook.com/)", Design Sprint 2.0 (https://ajsmart.com/design-sprint-2-0/), or Design Sprint 3.0 (https://medium.com/design-sprint-academy/design-sprint-3-0-1fb49b9889e2) process or you have your own version of them, or you’re interested in learning more, this meetup is definitely for you.

We aim to bring together practitioners and admirers of the Design Sprint, discuss product design, and share challenges, tools, best practices and case studies of successful Norwegian Sprints as well as general insight and learning sessions to help you be more prepared to run your own Design Sprint.

Everybody is welcome regardless of the level of experience. Networking and a splash of beer will be the added bonus. Come join us to create, share, laugh and connect.

Join our "Norway Design Sprint" LinkedIn group so we can continue our conversations, discussions and knowledge sharing there: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13697504/

We hope to see and meet you all soon!

Ram Yoga (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramyoga/) & José Manuel Redondo Lopera (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-linkedin/)

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