What we're about

This meetup is for anyone who is passionate about healthy foods and/or wants to increase their quality of life with the help of a low carb and/or ketogenic and/or carnivore lifestyle.

We believe that the consumption of low carb natural and real foods like animal products and vegetables are a key role in to aid of weight loss, mood and mental health issues, blood sugar regulation, arthritis, among other health issues. This SIMILAR way of eating is also used for those who consider themselves food addicts, food overeaters, binge eaters, carbohydrate addicts, artificial sweeteners addicts, etc. We are also aware that this type of diet could extreme and very food groups restrictive and there is no current scientific study that measures the healthy or unhealthy on how this way of eating can be in the long term.

In this group we encourage low carb, real, natural foods and minimal processed foodswith the occasional or daily fasting. We do not promote the use of "x" food brands nor "y" supplements. We also do not promote the use of external ketones, fat bombs, majones fasts, etc. as we are mainly focused about the low carb lifestyle and not for a short team and meaningless solution.

This way of eating excludes foods like most fruits, many moderate and high carb vegetables, legumes, grains, some nuts, and some seeds. Carnivores, as it's name is implied, would only consume animal products like meat, fish, poultry, etc. dairy and eggs. Our drinks of choice are water, coffee and tea, but for most carnivores it's only water. For all of us, our main purpose is to follow the closest to a zero carb lifestyle as possible.

This way of eating is not for everyone. Please make sure to contact a health practitioner before you embrace yourself in this diet or in any other type of diet. This includes children, pregnant and lactating women.

We will talk about subjects related to this lifestyle, whole foods, and how to live a vibrant and meaningful life. Also, we respect members and ourselves in this group by always being kind and sharing experiences with one another.

If you feel identify with our key components and/or you're interested to learn more about this subject, please join us.

We also have a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/13971203004... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1397120300402098/)

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