• Product development screw-ups. We've all had them, so share what you learned!

    Product development screw-ups. We've all have them, so share what you learned! As Oscar Wilde once said, "Time wounds all heels." In no profession is this more true than in product management. This will be an informal round table discussion, with attendees volunteering to describe their own disastrous projects, what went wrong, why and what they would do differently. We may offer a small prize for the best story of the night. We'll operate some version of "Chatham House" rules, i.e. everyone is expected to share their experience openly, but all agree that names of who said anything and the identities of the individuals or organisations involved will not leave the room. As per usual, we'll adjourn to the pub afterwards. We've used the Thomson Reuters building in Bjørvika three times now as the meetup location. If someone can propose a different location we can use that is central and has a decent watering hole nearby, we'll be very happy to switch it away to somewhere new. Ideas welcome! My apologies that this meetup went a bit quiet over Q2. We're going to come back with a roar in the last third of the year. Thanks Vincent

  • "Simplicity/Complexity": User expectations in specialist information products

    In this second meet-up, I'm going to start the ball rolling on the idea that we should share experiences and ideas across our profession, so as to build broader recognition of the specialist skills and analysis we bring to the table as product managers. I'm hoping that someone else will step up to volunteer to do for some other kind of product management challenge in the next meet-up, and that maybe we can be hosted somewhere else too. There will be a short and pithy 20-25 minute presentation/talk on the challenges faced in delivering a great user experience in online professional/specialist information products, followed by 1 hour+ of free flowing discussion in the group. This topic may seem somewhat narrow in focus at first glance, but there are many Norwegian companies and organisations that do exactly this. • Rystad Energy (specialised energy data for oil companies) • Fronter (for specialised educational content for teachers and students) • Infront (information for professional financial market participants) • Skattetaten (tax information for accountants, companies, consumers) • Visma (for specialised payroll/HR information) In essence, it's a relevant discussion for any organisation that is attempting to build "simple but powerful" online tools to navigate and utilise complex high value content and that is targeted at subject-matter experts, pretty much across any sector, industry or organisation. While the presentation will obviously be based on the presenter's experiences and thinking, it will NOT be a sales pitch for the products or the company the presenter works on/with. The speaker is talking as a professional product manager, not as a representative of their employer. You can expect to hear about successful approaches, but also common ongoing complaints and unsolved problems, albeit abstracted away from the specifics to come closer to a set of generalised themes for product management. And the audience should ask questions and propose better ways of approaching these problems, based on their own experience and ideas. Hopefully we can use this set-up as a starting point for the standard approach for such talks in future, albeit one that can and should evolve. We will adjourn to Oslo Mekaniske afterwards for a drink or two, for those who wish to carry on. I look forward to seeing you! Vincent

  • Discuss experiences in getting role of prod mgrs recognised in our organisations

    Hi All For this first session, we'll use one of the larger meeting rooms here in the offices of Thomson Reuters in Bjorvika, housed in the same building as the Visma organisation there (that's the big neon sign on the top of the building!). Please RSVP so I can make sure I know how many are coming. This is very much an agenda for the initial meeting. I suspect that some of the other future meet-ups will look at specific areas of product management best-practice we can share and discuss in detail. We'll meet in the lobby area of the building at 1725 and I'll bring everyone up to the room. Try to be punctual, so as to avoid me having to go up and down to collect people from downstairs. Tea and coffee and biscuits will be available (nothing fancy!) and we may adjourn to one of the pubs across the Bridge in Grønland afterwards. But no obligation to do so at all. The building reception will be shut at that time, so you should just find the building entrance and then call my mobile to get let in by me. [masked]. You will find the building by walking down the street (Trelastgata) that extends parallel to the very last platform on the southerly side of Oslo S. The street runs past the front of the PWC, KLP and Deloitte buildings before you get to us. Just after the footbridge to Grønland (as you come from Oslo S) runs over your head and after an entrance to a big underground car park, you'll see steps running up from street level. Take those steps up and the building directly to your right at the top is the Visma building. Call me from the top of the steps! Again,[masked]. I look forward to meeting you! Thanks Vincent