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Tao alchemy in Tai chi of Yang Jian Hou. The Tai Chi as originally passed down from Yang Lu Chan and taught exclusively to the Imperial Palace by Yang Jian Hou is now ready to be shared with the world. The secrets to Yang Lu Chan's power as taught by Master Wei Shu Ren are based on:

• Developing and integrating Spirit, Mind & Chi (Shen, Yi & Qi) three harmonies

• understanding power of Now

• Developing the power of the 3 rings and 3 gates

• Transcending the body through relaxation, dispersion, connection & emptiness (Song, San, Tong, Kung)

• Harnessing the power of Chi balls

• Using Mind to manifest the invisible power of chi starting with the 8 energetics

• Opening and closing the energy


Cezary Kwiatkowski instruktor of Imperial Yang tai chi

Phone +48 602216438


seminar of Yang Jian hou alchemy in


Available in 2015/2016

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tai chi nei gong yang jian hou wei shu ren linea first time in Norwey meeting with Cezary Kwiatkowski

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Seminarium Tai chi

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Podstawy Tai chi od rodziny Yang

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Podstawy Tai chi od rodziny Yang

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Seminar of Tai Chi Yang - neigong Yang Jian Hou alchemy

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