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Use the new techniques you just learned at the Thursday Lectures out in the world. Join us on a monthly kayak camping outing to relax and enjoy the outdoors while learning new things.

3rd weekend Saturday/Sunday campout

- Oct. 19-20 Camping from your kayak "cutting through the hype"

- Nov. 23-24 Cooking while camping "freeze dried verse fresh"

- Dec. 21-22 Cold weather clothing "stacking layers"

- Jan. 18-19 I'm exposed "heat gain and heat loss"

- Feb. 22-23 Fire, Fire, Fire "warmth plus a whole lot more

- Mar. 22-23 Night time navigating "finding your way in the dark"

- Apr. 19-20 Signaling Devices "drawing attention"

- May 17-18 Summer Camping "how to keep your cool"

$49. With own boat. $99 with Rental

Reservations Required. Space is limited Reservation or Refund deadline is Thursday before trip. Payment is required with reservation. Times and dates subject to change.