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PARADISE and Kingdom of The Mother.
In this particular meetup, we will discuss fundamentals of Life, Spirit, and Healing, and particularly fundamentals of your true identity as a divine being, or a divinity embodied on earth. In The Mothers home,​ you have a chance to be yourself, to assert your role and identity, without any concern that you would be misunderstood. 1. LIFE Things you never knew, Things you must know. How many lives does one have? What is life? What is it to be alive? How can the living dead become alive? How can the illness of old age be slowed down or eliminated? What is the role of Life? Is it possible to live forever? How can one live forever? How can one improve his or her life? How does one harm his or her life? How does one heal? How does life evolve? How is one to achieve Vitality. What is the evolution of Vitality? What is the evolution of life? As The Mother, I know what you need to know about life for you to improve your life. I will welcome your questions. In dialogue with The Mother and Each Other, we will explore all that can help your life to improve. 2. SPIRIT and HEALING Things you never knew, Thinks you will know, to Sustain your life to the desired quality and length​. The relationship between your spirit, immune system, and your health. How Spirit helps you survive terminal illness even entering terminal stage? Your spirit and blood pressure, your spirit and vascular health. Your spirit and freedom from genetic disorders. NOTE: 2. When you RSVP Yes, I will send you the unit number, for you to know where the meeting takes place. 3. Once you decide to participate, you can call[masked]. I can answer your questions and help you with directions. It is really easy to get to the place of the meetup. Parking is not a problem and buses​ stop 3 minutes from the place. Spin-off​ projects for Paradise for all interested 4. Healers training with me will receive a diploma from ParadiseOne School for Divine Healers. 5. I will also train Teachers for Paradise, and more.


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This unique group will be hosted by Sanda Davis, The MOTHER, who is now bringing the world to the understanding of Paradise on Earth. In an atmosphere of bliss, of wisdom and kindness, you will find the experience of being n the presence of the mother comforting, enlightening, unforgettable. This group is for healers and people with healing needs, who want to expand their healing and self-healing capacities, to increase their divine potentials and quality of life, health, and longevity.

Discussions, updates, practical examples demonstrating healings, learning fundamentals of divine healing for spinal cord problems, including SCI, recovery from stroke, Prevention of stroke, recovery from chronic pain, migraine headaches, loss of eyesight, diabetes.

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