• Evening of Erlang

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    May 2014 Erlang Meetup

    The main talk will be about the new features present in the latest Erlang R17 version.

    There will also be two smaller talks about connecting C++ to Erlang and how to implement a simple Generic Server in Elixir.

  • Evening of Erlang

    Macadamian Offices

    Let's get together and have our first meetup of 2014!

    There will be two talks followed by a lab.

    The main talk will be given by Yannick G. and will be about building a HTTP reverse proxy.

    The second talk will be given by Alan G. and will be about a project built using the mochiweb web server.

    The details of the lab are still in the works, but we will be building an actual Erlang project using rebar.

    If you have any topic you'd like to cover during the lab, please don't hesitate and let us know.

  • Ottawa Erlang Meetup

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    We'll be looking at some existing web frameworks and also at a few other topics such as how to move from classical OOP to Erlang.

    More details:

    - Tour of Erlang web servers + frameworks and examples using Chicago Boss (http://www.chicagoboss.org) and Cowboy (https://github.com/extend/cowboy)

    - Quick introduction to Elixir, a new functional language built atop Erlang with a more Rubyish flavour (http://elixir-lang.org)

    - Open discussion and example about moving away from the "classical" Java/C++ Object Oriented paradigms and towards a simpler model with Erlang

  • Let's meetup and implement an actual Erlang-based server

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    For our second meetup we'll be looking into how to build an actual server with Erlang.

    Stuff we'll cover:

    - Basic syntax
    - Basic functional programming with Erlang
    - Core OTP concepts/patterns (gen_server, applications, ...)
    - How to use the rebar Erlang build tool
    - Expose a simple service using a web API
    - How to do unit testing

    The idea is to pick a simple service/API (like a string reversal algorithm) and to show what is needed to implement it in Erlang.

    We'll walk through all the required steps and code to build and test it.

  • Let's meet and discuss Erlang over food and drinks with fellow enthusiasts

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    Our first meetup!

    Curious about the Erlang programming language?

    This will be a great opportunity to meet people who've been using it in commercial applications and also meet fellow enthusiasts who want to know more about it. No previous experience with it required.

    We'll have presentations about the language and also about experiences related to introducing Erlang into an existing organization...

    ...plus a special guest from Erlang Solutions (https://www.erlang-solutions.com/) will be giving a talk!

    Come and join us for food, drinks and to learn more about what makes Erlang special and why it gives its users a competitive edge :)