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Discussions about philosophy, science, social change and raelism
This is a casual discussion group where we usually discuss a variety of topics depending on who shows up. Here are the most likely topics these days:An Embassy for E.T.:We think it is time humanity builds and official embassy ready for the appearance and meeting of extra-terrestrial beings (the Elohim) on Earth. We've been petitioning governments and the UN in the past few years to get this properly done and official. We know there are E.T. out there, we should be ready and welcoming. UFOs: Have you had experiences with UFOs? Some have, we can talk about that. Paradism: Due to the level of technology out there right now, we could abolish work and make sure everyone has all the basics to live well. How can we transition from our current economical and political systems to a leisure-based economy (paradism)? Raelianism: This is our philosophy. Please refer to for more information on that. :) Other: We welcome any topical subject from people around the table. Enjoy!

Tim Hortons

100 Metcalfe St · Ottawa, ON