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Welcome to the Ottawa Hike to Heal meetup group! Do you want to simply get out of the house, have a stroll in the woods being immersed with the sound, sight and smell of nature for a couple of hours, and meet a few new people in the process? If the thought makes you smile, then you should join us! This group aims for spending time in the forest and letting the sun, the trees, the birds, water and soil to heal us, so the pace is generally leisurely. For some of you folks who count steps, a typical walk for us is about 5km, so that will get you more than halfway to the 10,000 step challenge!

We welcome new comers of the city, and beginner hikers who want to give this a try.

As far as locations being covered, we explore trails that are in-town and out-of-town, depending on interest and availability. We cover locations in the Ottawa region, Lanark County, Renfrew County, Rideau Valley, Outaouais, and more!

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Pine Grove Forest Hike

Needs a location

As mask wearing has become optional even at indoors, I will not enforce the policy of having to bring a mask and social distancing. I will also not require vaccination to be a pre-requisite. Having said that, I will ask the group to honor each individual's choice to wear a mask and/or maintain social distancing during this walk.

We will leave right at 10 AM. Please arrive a few minutes early, as the parking spots tend to fill up quickly. I will send a comment as we leave the parking lot. We will be crossing the Davidson road towards Trail 43, Spot E. If you arrive a couple of minutes late you have a good chance to catch up with us.

The walk includes an introduction and welcome exercise, and then we will relax and enjoy our time in nature.


  1. Time is confirmed unless for inclement weather.
  2. No pets for this walk.
  3. Facility is available at the trail head.
  4. If photos of others are taken make sure that you acquired their permissions before posting them on this page.
  5. Pictures
    Trail: https://ottawanaturewalks.com/?page_id=77
  6. Trip Reports:
  7. Difficulty - This hike is at Level 0.
    0 - Jack Pine, Canal, Brockville tunnel, Old Quarry Trail,
    Upper Canada Village, Pine Grove Forest, Mer Bleue Bog Trail, Le Chateau Montebello, Larose Forest, Shirley's Bay P10, Pinhey Forest, Beaver and Chipmunk Trail, Cedar Grove Forest
    1 - South March Highlands
    2 - Waterfall, Lauriault & Mackenzie King, Carbide Willson Ruins, Champlain Trail
    3 - Pink Lake, Kingsmere-King Mountain loop
    4 - Rock Dunder, Manitou Mountain trail
  8. Directions:
    IKEA (arbitrary starting point) to P18: https://goo.gl/maps/hZtxxzz6Wzz
  9. Description:

The hike is a 5 kilometer loop through natural forests, reclaimed white and red pine forests and marshlands. It should take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete following trails 43 and 44. Starting at the parking lot head north and cross Davidson Road to the beginning of the trail, here you'll see an information panel explaining the history or the forest. Before 1962, most of this area was cleared farmland. After it was purchased by the NCC both red and white pines were planted in most of the clearings and the area was eventually developed into a full grown forest.

Wheelers pancakes -- a hike through the forest and a social gathering

Needs a location

Bringing back a favourite pastime of this group. Please RSVP at least three days prior to the event.

• What we'll do
Let's get outside to enjoy some fresh air and say hello to some trees! This place is as close to country life as most city slickers can get without knowing someone that actually lives in the country.

• What to bring
A great appetite, a sense of adventure, apparently NOT a GPS (read the instructions on Wheeler's web site as a GPS will lead you astray...), hiking boots, the ability to breathe deeply and the desire to just chill for most of the day. See: http://wheelersmaple.com/

• Important to know
This place is 65 minutes away from Ottawa - plan accordingly. The drive feels a lot longer. Carpool if you can but please make your own arrangements as your hosts do not have the resources to do that for you at this time. Family and children more than welcome here.

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Tulip Festival Walk

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