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Welcome to the 'East West Connection. OIC's Monthly Asian film and discussion salon. The film is yet to be announced.

New Asians to Canada are our very special guests, even if they feel their English is struggling. We want you to teach us about your cultures.

Cost: Salon Formats are very informal and free.

Popcorn and tea provided.

OIC events highly encourage all to contribute in some way.

Food: People are encouraged but not required to bring something

Hungry and unprepared? No problem. People often order pizza and share the cost.

Students and those on serious budgets may contribute in the setup, cleanup, or tech support.

Location: Sunnyside between Bank Street and Bronson in a permanent location near Carlton University in the heart of Ottawa South.

When:The third Friday of every month, at 6pm.

Though the focus is now on China, but we want to honor all the Asians in this salon.

Future Films & Talks will be focused on other countries in Asia such as Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnamese, Thailand, and Burma. In most cases, our films will have English subtitles.

Link on the best Asian films;

http://twitchfilm.com/2011/07/my-10-favourite-asian-films-of-2011-so-far.html (http://twitchfilm.com/2011/07/my-10-favourite-asian-films-of-2011-so-far.html)

An appeal for help. OIC needs leaders to contribute a small amount of time. We are all busy. The ideal would be to find leaders from nearby Carleton or Ottawa University to help with tech support, choosing films, and passing the word.

Why this salon is important?

Asia and most specifically China are becoming very relevant to our ever changing world. I believe it is in Canada's best interest to understand the great history of this ancient culture. It is very easy to focus on China through a very negative political paradigm, and completely miss the fact that the new generation of Chinese leaders are very educated and international. Many are doing their very best to deal with those within their societies that are marginalized or even persecuted. They are dealing with a complexity of issues including large gaps between the growing wealthy class and the rural poor. It is very easy for westerners to point the finger out of ignorance, while having no idea of the issues and complexity of the contemporary Chinese Empire.

Most importantly, China and Asia are complex, and political realities differ depending on who you are and where you live. Some of these cultures are very possibly the oldest civilizations in the world. For example, China has risen and fallen many times and in varying forms throughout their 5000 year history. While OIC is focusing on China for now, as leaders come forward with ideas, we will include films and speakers from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, and South Asia and India in future salons.

The following Chinese films have been suggested for our next event;

"Let the Bullets Fly"