What we're about

I love playing Magic The Gathering or Magic or MTG for short.

I also love teaching people how to do do things.

Magic is SUCH a good game. There is so many nuances and intricacies. It is very satisfying to play and difficult to master. The art is beautiful, and the lore around it is complex and interesting. Basically there is something for everyone in Magic.

If you are just starting out, it's a nightmare trying to get clear on what you need to know and what all the words about all the things mean.

I want this group to be a group of people who share information, raise people up and help improve their skills. I want to include all genders and all ages.

Its so fun, and so addictive I can't wait to show you. :D

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Online - FNM Hangout on Zoom - March 27

Online event

Meetup #5 - Draft #2 - Free Draft - Dollar Packs

1554 Carling Ave

Meetup #4 - Draft #1 - $15 - Let's get our Draft on!

1554 Carling Ave

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