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"When you know better, you do better" - Maya Angelou

What happens to the RESP if my child goes to a trade school? Planning to sell your house as part of funding retirement? How does this piece fit into the whole picture? What about the other moving parts? Wait, are they actually moving?

This is a monthly forum and workshop for Ottawa residents to learn and ask about the key topics involved in personal investments and family financial planning. Meetings will be held once a month in Centretown. For convenience to those who travel into work, our meetings will be held after work on a weeknight.

Education is a critical tool in making good decisions and asking the right questions. It helps to keep up-to-date and have a comfortable learning environment within which to ask questions. Nothing is being sold or marketed, and the goal is for individuals to share questions they have and learn in a group setting guided by the Instructor.

At all of life's stages, young and older, employee or business owner, Individuals and Families are increasingly faced with making a variety of decisions that require thinking about what is the best course of action for their unique circumstances. Depending on one's career, family dynamics, and stage of life, many objectives might even be accomplished in a few fundamental steps, while others can require a sophisticated level of analysis. Asking an experienced professional can save alot of time as well.

Questions can also be asked to the organizer in the month between meetings. Popular topics will be considered for course material in the following meetups so that the group can learn from common questions. If we end up solving one issue or concern for each member, then all the better.

Recent articles on key subjects will also be shared and discussed.

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