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Climate change is real and threatens to undermine civilizations in the lifetimes of our children. The consequences: famine, migration and war, and ecologogical collapse are all too horrific to consider without working on possible action plans.

At the same time, Income inequality, and the accumulation of wealth by a very few is also very real. Fewer and fewer people have the opportunity to live a rewarding life.

Recent events in France reveal an ominous truth. Its difficult to work on climate change solutions without working on solutions that reduce income inequality at the same time.

This group discusses the two most serious issues of our time and looks at possible solutions that could help resolve both.

If you feel that something must be done to avoid a crisis of deadlock, and have an open mind to possible solutions, you are welcome to join our discussions.

The goal is to create and present a plan that can be submitted to political parties at all levels of government for consideration. We are not conservatives, or liberals, or anarchists, or politicians - just concerned citizens that know that something must be done, and quickly.

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