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Pitfalls and Successes of Self-Organizing Teams

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How Self-Organizing Teams Lead to Project Success

“I love working in cross-functional teams” is a frequent expression of managers or/and clients. But should we assume self-organizing, cross-functional teams to always work for Agile projects? A perception of self-organizing teams exists in our mind, but the working approach we apply within our project can drive us to unexpected results. While it’s true that focused, skillful, and trustworthy teams are the core of a project’s success, there are some pitfalls to self-organizing teams that may cause a project to fail.
In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to facilitate building a self-organizing team, strengthen it, and help each team to succeed to ensure project goals are met! I’ll share a project experience, the challenges we faced, and the approach we use to tackle problems and succeed as a self-organizing team. We’ll analyze a real case and practice it together.

About Lidia 😊
Lidia has been working as a project manager since 2005 and has lead multi-teams on location and through distance. Her expertise covers framing clients’ needs and defining solutions, as well as supporting and guiding the final delivery of a desired product. As a scrum master, she empowers and helps teams to reach project realization in the most efficient way with a main focus on ensuring team success.

Lidia has been working in software development/IT consulting for over 10 years. She started as a business analyst and progressively fulfilled the roles of product owner, scale project manager, senior advisor, and a coordinator of technical departments for product development within IT Consulting companies. Lidia’s professional experience covers different types of projects delivering on clients’ needs (Government, B2B, B2C, etc.) She has also worked using various project organization methodology (Waterfall, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), URP). Lidia is dedicated to Agile as a style of thinking, being and doing. She is passionate about contributing her knowledge and experience to help strengthen team competence with Agile practices, and applying for an efficient project realization.

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