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10:23 Homeopathy Overdose on Parliament Hill

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Join us on Parliament Hill to take part in a mass homeopathic overdose! We hope to get a crowd of skeptics together in front of the Canadian Parliament to take copious amounts of homeopathic remedies. The protest is to highlight the fact that there really is nothing in it! You are welcome to buy your own homeopathic remedies of choice and we will be bringing some that we made ourselves.

************UPDATED DETAILS*******

We will be meeting around 10am around the centennial flame at Parliament Hill. Our event permit says that we have to stand "between the main stairs and the Centennial Flame on the paved areas only" and we cannot obstruct pedestrian traffic. We'll figure out where we are going to stand once we are congregated.

We'll start the event around 10.20am to give people a bit of extra time to arrive and a chance to say "hi". The event will kick-off with a short intro, then we'll overdose at 10.23am. I'll just keep talking for a little while (maybe 15 minutes but maybe less if it's really cold) about why homeopathy is absurd and unsupported, checking-in from time to time to see how everyone is doing with the meds. We'll make sure to get plenty of good photos in front of the Parliament buildings, and be finished by 11am.

After that we'll be heading off to find brunch somewhere, if people are interested. Right now, the number of RSVPs (between two Meetup groups and Facebook) stands at 29, so we should be a fairly healthy crowd! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Despite the absence of effectiveness in clinical studies, thousands of homeopathic remedies have been approved for sale in Canada. Furthermore, the homeopathic profession has recently been regulated by the Ontario Government, adding credibility to what is little short of witchcraft. It is important that people be informed about what homeopathy is and what it does (and doesn't) do.

At the event it would be great if people could be recognised as part of the protest. To this end, we have ordered white toques with the 10:23 Campaign logo ( ) which will cost $10 (pretty darn cheap!).


The 10:23 Campaign is an awareness-raising campaign focusing on homeopathy. In particular:

1 - The implausibility of the mechanism by which homeopathy is supposed to work
2 - The lack of clinical evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy beyond a placebo
3 - The harm that can occur when homeopathic remedies are used instead of conventional medicines.

(Brief) History
The campaign began in January 2010 with events across the UK. Those events targeted a well-known drug store chain which was selling homeopathic remedies alongside conventional treatments with no clear guides for the customer. So popular were the protests that the events sparked a UK Parliamentary "Evidence Check" by a Science and Technology Select Committee. In this evidence check, the drug store admitted to marketing homeopathic remedies as effective without evidence, the UK Health Minister admitted there was no evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy beyond placebo and the conclusions of the committee were that public funding for and licensing of homeopathy should be withdrawn.

10:23 in 2011
Following the success of last year’s events, the 10:23 campaign is going global. There are currently events planned for 52 cities in 25 countries on 5 continents (plus Antarctica!). Ottawa is one of those cities playing host to an event, which is provisionally scheduled for 10:23am on Saturday February 5th at Parliament Hill. More details will be sent out in the days leading up to the event.

For more details:
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