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How Past Lives Affect Your Health Today

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Recurring or chronic health issues can be like a recurring dream, representing unfinished business or even past life lessons that still need to be learned or resolved.

Often, when considering this subject, one or more of the following questions arise:

* What kind of spiritual messages can health issues bring?

* Why might it be important to consider insights into past lives and what is the impact on one's state of health in this present life?

* Do spiritual guides have any involvement in resolving the impact of past life issues on your state of health today?

* What is spiritual healing and how does it occur?

* What spiritual techniques can be used to help with health issues?

Come to explore and discuss this topic. Share your experience, your insights in a free and open discussion and possibly gain new techniques to explore your health issues from a spiritual perspective. Refreshments provided. We look forward to your active participation!