What we're about

OttawaVR Artists is a community of visual artists of all types who want to explore the emerging space of virtual reality for creating art.

All skill levels are welcome. What we are creating is a space to generate ideas and conversations that will lead to a collaborative art environment.

At the Meetups we will be using MasterpieceVR (http://brinxvr.com/), a collaborative painting and sculpting program created here in Ottawa. It is the first art application in the world that allows up to four people anywhere around the world to paint and sculpt together effortlessly in the same virtual space.


Artists will have the chance to test MasterpieceVR's 3D printing capabilities, its integration into the 3D digital artist workflow, the collaboration and social elements of creating art, and many other things.

By joining the community you will be able to give feedback to the development team in order to refine the product and make it the best VR Art tool available.

Virtual reality is here and is just waiting to be sculpted and painted by the artists of the world. Join us in the development of a new artistic space!

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Introduction to VR Art & MasterpieceVR

Colony VR

Introduction to Virtual Reality Art & MasterpieceVR

Colony VR


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