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Monthly Meeting - Content Strategy

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Our next monthly meeting is schedule for on Wednesday, February 27th at 6:30pm at Code Factory, 246 Queen St. We will have a guest speaker to address "Content Strategy" this month. Here are the description of his presentation and bio.

About the Presentation:

Content Strategy - Content as an Enabler. The amount of content produced each day for the Internet has grown exponentially since the days of its mainstream debut in the early 90's. We have reached a critical mass in which it has become necessary to ask, “why do we need this?” with our online content. Quantity has become the enemy, and quality our ally.
This presentation is based on the hypothesis that content = value. If the web is becoming our primary channel for communicating information, our content is on the front lines representing us, representing our value. We may report to our bosses, but we work for our audiences.
Content as an Enabler is presented in two parts: making a business case for content strategy; and a roadmap for content strategy.

About the Speaker:

My name is Alvaro Vargas and I am a user experience (UX) designer with a deep interest in content strategy. I am a thoughtsmith.
My path towards user experience design went something like this: studied advertising, first job out of school was graphic designer, worked for a new media company as a coder and information architect, started my own new media company, sold it and worked as a management consultant specializing in e-learning and change management, went back to school for anthropology, and finally began work in the public service in communications, which pretty much brings you up to date.
My approach to UX comes from three disciplines: advertising, graphic design, and anthropology. The connecting principle between them is a genuine interest in people, and the interfaces of people-to-people, people-to-technology, and people-to-processes. I see UX as an outcome, and not just a process for execution.
I am presently a content manager and UX designer for the Government of Canada, working with colleagues on the implementation of the usability standards for our departmental internet site, and in the fine tuning of a departmental intranet.

b) Peer Review of Design / Interface Submissions: We will take design submissions from the group and give it a usability and design critique ending with a list of suggestions. If you have designs for us to review, please send it to me.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all.