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Calling all women who are looking for something more; you want to grow, develop and step out of your comfort zones. Want to learn something new, try something daring or uncover a side of yourself that you didn't know existed? Join us and become more of who you want to be.

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Learn How To Connect To Your Higher Self

Private home, Kanata ON (Teron Road and The Parkway)


This workshop will empower you to connect to your Higher Self -- the most wise, intelligent part of you -- so you can conquer fear and create a more joyful life. CHANNELED DESCRIPTION FROM THE GUIDES: “Is the world of polarity and divergent belief systems causing you confusion? How do we navigate our way through a reality that has so much negative energy? Our emotional bodies require resetting periodically. It is the Higher Self that performs this task. It is the Higher Self that creates abundance. It is the Higher Self that dictates your learning and the lessons that give you access to the co-creative power of the Universe. Let’s all connect with the Higher Self and develop a more balanced relationship with the ego. One can lead a more harmonious life when these two separate entities are working together. Negative thoughts can be dissolved and a cooperative effort made to conquer fear and surge forward to the task of creating a joyful life.” ******** DETAIL: What if you could ask your Angels a question about HOW TO CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHER SELF, or about ANYTHING AT ALL and receive their guidance in real time? What burning question would you ask them? Set in a private, intimate environment, join gifted Intuitive & Channel Christine, Co-host Nicole, and a group of like-minded participants for this exclusive workshop from the "Ask Your Angels" series. Experience: • The Angels' Meditation -- First, Christine leads participants through a personalized meditation she receives directly from the Angels of all participants in the group. • The Activation -- Next, Christine shares an Angel Message that opens up and activates energy centres within each participant and prepares you to fully receive Angelic information. • The Q&A -- Participants are asked to write down their question on a piece of paper. Questions are collected and drawn at random. One at a time, Christine receives the answers from the Angels, types it into a computer, and reads it aloud to the entire group. This ensures privacy for the person asking the question, while it also enables the group to hear and learn from Angelic wisdom. WHAT TO BRING 1. A full bottle of water -- the Angels recommend that you drink water before the session begins, so that you can more easily receive the information offered. 2. Your journal or a piece of paper 3. A pen 4. A sweater ********** $40* per person via e-transfer to [masked]; $45 at the door. Limited spots available. Register now; your Angels and Guides are waiting to connect with you...

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Ask Your Angels How To Create Abundance

Private home, Kanata ON (Teron Road and The Parkway)


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