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Euchre Tournament at Hometown Sports Grill (Saturday Bank Street)
This is a free tournament for experienced euchre players only. We will be having lunch at noon and the tournament will begin afterwards. Rules · Play 8 hands per game. · An A will always be partnered with a B. · To begin tournament first black Jack deals. · Every game following the visiting A deals first. · Winning team moves: Winning A moves minus one table number. Winning B moves plus one table number. · Losing team stays at the table and partners split up. · If you order your partner up you are going alone. · You do not need a natural to pick it up. · If everyone passes, the deal moves to the left. · For a misdeal the dealer redeals. · No tramming. · Each person takes their own tricks. · Scoring: 3-4 tricks with partner or alone 1 pt All 5 tricks with partner 2 pts All 5 tricks alone 4 pts Euchre 2 pts · When going alone and you take all 5 tricks, both partners get 4 points but only you circle the 4 on your score card and have your partner initial a lone hand square at the bottom of your score card. · Renege 4 players: Automatic 2 pts Renege lone hand: Automatic 4 pts · Any table talk or procrastination: Automatic 2 pts · Traditional dealing. No cutting the deck necessary.

Hometown Sports Grill

1525 Bank St · Ottawa, ON

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Ottawa Board Gaming Community is a Meetup Group for people who enjoy board games and socializing. Our meetups have more of a socializing aspect versus a competitive gaming environment.

First time attending? You do not need to bring any games unless you have one you would like to play. When you first arrive, there are typically 5 organizers waiting to greet you, get you a name tag and a raffle ticket for one of our monthly draws. Due to the large size of our group, it is very easy to find a game and people are always eager to teach games. All our Board Gaming Events are 100% Free

Every Monday at Boston Pizza
• Free event with ample free parking.
• 30-50 Board Gamers each Monday.
• Specials: BP's Classic Nachos (Beef or Chicken) $9.99 Budweiser Sleeve for $4.50.
• We start at 6:30 pm and usually go till 12:30 am.

Every Sunday at Hometown Sports Grill
• Free event with ample Free parking.
• 35-65 Gamers each Sunday.
• Specials: 50% off pizza, $5.50 Caesars & 32oz Draft of Canadian & Coors Light for $9.
• We start at 6:30 pm and usually go till 12:30 am.

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