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You’ve heard of Bitcoin and want to meet others who are interested in this disruptive technology. The goal of the Meetup is to spread blockchain awareness via informal discussion at networking events. Everyone is welcome at the Ottawa Bitcoin Meetup. Here you’ll find a friendly environment full of helpful people who would love to discuss anything blockchain or cryptocoin related.

If you’re an enthusiast, skeptic, investor, trader, programmer, economist, troll, miner, cryptographer or just curious, come out to one of our events and meet other Bitcoiners.

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This event is designed for networking. If you join us, you are going to meet so many people because of "THE GAME". ;) Oh yeahh! We have another game to play! First off, the objectives of "THE GAME". 1) Encourage people to walk up to random strangers and say hello. 2) Provide a graceful exit from the conversation, by encouraging the players to look for their next conversation. 3) Everyone practices real crypto transactions! Rules of "THE GAME" 1. Everyone starts "THE GAME" with a name tag and tokens. Real tokens. We are going to use DOGE. 2. Your starting tokens have no point value for you in "THE GAME". 3. Your tokens only have value for other players in "THE GAME". 4. Each crypto transaction counts as 1 point in "THE GAME". 5. Only one crypto transaction will be counted between a pair of players. 6. Points gained by retrieving all crypto from from a given, lost or stolen private key count as valid points in "THE GAME". How to play "THE GAME" I walk up to you, read your name tag and say hello. Assuming I am not weird, by social convention you should give me a token. If you make an effort to engage me in conversation, similarly, by social convention I should give you a token. I am hosting "hands on crypto sessions" to teach people how to do the crypto transactions. It takes about 15 minutes. You need a cell phone or tablet. Currently planned for every Sunday at 12 pm in an Ottawa area shopping center food court. This way we have a large number of players that know how to do the transactions. If you don't come out for a training session be careful one of these helpful strangers doesn't secretly snarf up your private key on game day. ;) There will be laughs! There will be smiles! We may see howls of delight! There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd! There will be "MYSTERY PRIZES"! The OttawaBlockchain.CA 2019 X Prize Contest will be announced! 10$ cover charge offered via meetup payment options or in cash during one of the "hands on crypto sessions". 20$ at the door.

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