What we're about

The Our Revolution chapter in Howard County has been in operation since late 2016 with a team of creative and enthusiastic activists.

Issues in Howard County are not that different from those in other Maryland counties, although there are strong emphases on county (mis)development, school plans, medicare for all, the environment, and immigrant justice.

We at ORHoCo have subgroups or committees working in a number of these areas, with a special emphasis on healthcare, communications, environment/climate-change, labor, internal education, the public education system, and electoral activity (both campaigning and legislative support).

2019 Issues:

For 2019 we have ten domestic issues of major concern, listed here in general order of importance:

1 A path toward Medicare-for-all.
2 Bold action to combat climate change.
3 Tuition-free public college and greatly reducing student debt
4 Increasing the minimum wage to $15.
5 Comprehensive immigration reform.
6 A $1 trillion infrastructure plan.
7 Lowering the price of prescription drugs.
8 Expanding Social Security.
9 Fixing our broken criminal-justice system.
10 Progressive tax reform.

A number of local issues are also driving our actions, including the reduction of single-use plastic, e.g., plastic bags, altering school impact fees, and the effective implementation of the Kirwan Commission recommendations.

We invite anyone interested in our activities – electoral and non-electoral – to join with us, come to our meetings, and struggle with us to make Howard County, Maryland, and the country better for all of us!

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