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Our Happy Club was started to bring together people who are looking for ways in which to be happy. Based off Author Carolyn Berry and her first book "I'm Happy. How did I get here?" The Happy Club has worksheets, meditations, healthy eating, places to travel, and events based on ways in which to be happy. The meet ups are designed for you to learn tools and techniques to discover your joy.

About the Book:
Have you ever been challenged by a monkey, a human, creature, or creepy crawler? I have, and as a result I learned energy. I had a background in massage and thought I could heal the world with my hands. Then I took a different direction into the corporate world because I got greedy. I wanted all the material things that I thought would make me happy. Soon I realized those things weren't going to make me happy. What did make me Happy was finding my inner Joy. this book will take you into my experiences, including a spiritual journey to South Africa, as if you were right there with me. I don't think of myself as a writer or an author, but a storyteller and an experience facilitator. If you are Happy, this book is for you. If you are still searching this book is definitely for you.

About the Author;
Carolyn Berry is an accomplished author, healer, and spiritual teacher. But it wasn't always that way. Raised along the Central Coast of California, Carolyn realized early in life that she seemed to ha e a strong intuition, a special knack of knowing. She also knew that somehow her purpose on earth was to help people. She started her career as a massage therapist. It wasn't enough. Carolyn's Drive, persistence, career focus, and addiction to material things drove her to take on corporate America, gaining attention as she climbed the corporate ladder traveling the country, managing, training, launching new business locations, and leading a sales training events. But it wasn't fulfilling her heart. There was no personal satisfaction. Carolyn was disconnected. Her life was out of balance. "I'm Happy. How did I get Here?" is a story of her incredible transformation. Carolyn shares her journey of reconnecting with what is truly important and offers the reader some easy , proven ways to achieve the same.

For questions please contact Carolyn @ carolynheals@gmail.com


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