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Canyon Ambassadors Wanted !!!
Volunteer as "canyon ambassador" for two or more trips and receive complementary registration to the festival. Want to volunteer? 1) Read this whole section carefully.. 2) Register for this meetup 3) If there is a canyon for which you would like to be ambassador, email me your choices at 4) include in your email me the name of the canyon, time and date you would like and I will add your choices as meetups. 5) include in your email info about your familiarity with the chosen canyons. 'Canyon Ambassadors' are volunteers who accompany groups descending Ouray area canyons. The canyon ambassador has the responsibility to provide familiarity with the approach, descent, and egress from the canyon. Trip logistics will be worked out via email communication and verified at the social meeting the night before each trip. Groups will be limited to 6 canyoneers plus the ambassador. The canyon ambassador is not an instructor, guide or guru. Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety, as well as looking out for everyone else's safety.

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    10-14 August 201

    This year we will be in the Community Center, 2nd floor, 620 6th Avenue.

    The Ouray Canyoning Festival offers a great opportunity to discover new canyons, make new friends; to share ideas and information; and to learn new skills and techniques from other canyoneers.

    During Canyoning Festival volunteers organize canyoneering trips each day, intended for canyoneers of various skill levels. Other rendezvous activities typically include: skills workshops, gear demos, slide and film presentations, gear swaps, door prizes and raffles.

    The 2015 Ouray Canyoning Festival was a huge success attracting over 100 canyoners from around the country and the world. The town of Ouray was suitably impressed and as a result have decided to support the event this year by organizing the third annual Ouray Canyoning Festival. Sort of a summer version of the Ouray Ice Festival.

    Additionally, training opportunities will be offered before the festival.

    So make your plans now. We look forward to seeing in Ouray.

    RSVP now for the 2016 Ouray Canyon Rendezvous (

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