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"Live in the place where you want to live and invest at the number that makes sense."

Calling all Southern California Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who are seeking to unlock their profit potential or want to reach to the next level of Real Estate Investing! This is a mixed group of experienced investors, those who are new to investing, and those just looking for more information for Out-Of-State investing. Both experienced and non-experienced investors can join us as we seek to discover new, profitable opportunities that focus on out-of-state projects.

One of the biggest questions we usually hear is " How can I invest out-of-state? I hear the returns are much better, but how would I even start to do that?"


This is exactly why we're here to help. Don't worry about inexperience with real estate or with doing business outside California - join, and learn from people that have the skills necessary to help. The group will serve as a platform to seek out real estate advice and find information on upcoming opportunities. Come Network with Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Joint Venture Partners, Money Partners, Wholesalers, Landlords, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

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