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Connecting to the Resources Within (weekly practice) (temporary new location)
Connecting to the Resources Within (weekly practice) Each week, we explore different ways to connect to our unconscious mind and body and the resources within or how we can help others connect to their unconscious. Our goal is to learn more how we and others experience the world, and how we can help ourselves and others change. We will practice both hands-on and conversational learning, experimenting with a number of different modalities such as NLP & Hypnosis, EFT, MythoSelf, Havening and more. If you've ever struggled with thoughts, beliefs, habits or communicating/connecting to mind & bdy and wanted to learn the magical ways these skills might transform your life or the life of others... Come join us! All experience levels are welcome! Bring your curiosity, and a willingness to explore, to learn and practice. ================================= $10 - Regular Price (PayPal - click here) ( =================================== About Joel Joel Elfman a hypnotist, NLP trainer & changeworker who has been practicing these arts for about 20 years. “I believe in people, even when they might not believe in themselves. I work in collaboration with folks connecting them to the amazing resources inside waiting to transform their life. Find out more at: to learn more.

Whole Foods Market Cafe

W. 97th and Columbus Ave · NY, NY


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In a society that forces us to live from our minds, we have forgotten what it means to be connected to the rest of our selves. It's not that the mind is evil, but that we can learn to integrate other parts of ourselves into our way of understanding and interacting with our world. Reconnecting to our body and our emotions, allowing ourselves to have ALL of ourselves (and not just the parts that we have somehow learned "should" be there) brings us incredible levels of energy, confidence, intuition, creativity, trust, pleasure, love, intimacy, and pure JOY. Our lives become fuller, richer and more connected. We will gather to discuss ways in which we can take an inner tour of our emotional, energetic, and physical bodies; by-passing our thinking brain and building awareness and compassion through tantric and shamanic rituals, sharing circles, dancing, shaking, meditation and any other techniques members bring into the equation. If you are ready to let go of B&W, and step into Technicolor... This is the meetup for you!

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