What we're about

A free all-encompassing Meetup group for people that identify as LGBTQ2S+ and their allies who like to go out, be entertained and socialize. No more missing out on fun events or interests because you have no-one to go with or you are reluctant to go alone.

All Meetups are organised by a friendly-faced host whose prime responsibility is to ensure all new members are welcomed, introduced to the group and never excluded.
In this age of Instagram and social media, many of us in the queer community might be more shy or socially anxious than we admit, but we are all included in this group. Whether you are single, partnered or polyamorous there is something for everyone! We welcome everyone regardless of where you identify on the LGBTQ2+ spectrum. We want to move past boxes, labels or tribes, and we work for inclusion and respecting preferred pronouns in each group activity.

Whether you are new to Ottawa, or you've been here your entire life, newly out, or newly retired, you are welcome to join us regardless of your social background, income, skin colour, cultural heritage, accessibility requirements, HIV status, size, age, shape or even your eye colour. We make space for anyone who wants to have fun. None of us are equal until ALL of us are equal.

Selfies are fun, but we also believe strongly in disconnecting (at least temporarily!) from our mobile-enabled social networks and reconnecting in a meaningful way through face-to-face socializing instead. After all, we live in a beautiful region of Ottawa-Gatineau which is full of entertainment and community events every night of the week, so let's take advantage of it!

We organize Meetup events of all kinds such as art galleries, cabaret, cinema, comedy, dance, museums, music concerts, spoken word poetry and theatre - as well as bar nights, drag shows and even sex workshops and queer late-night parties!

So, regardless of whether you prefer the library, the bathhouse, a morning walk, or a late-night talk, join us and help make this Meetup group one of the most inclusive for LGBTQ2S+ communities in Ottawa-Gatineau.

It’s so easy, just suggest an activity and share your interests with us!

Some activities might look like any of these:

Saturday: Live indie queer dance party at Bar Robo, a music show at Pressed Café, a concert at the National Arts Centre, a group board games night at a café, a Queer-themed Writers Festival Event, an afternoon of video games at House of Targ or ToTo Too theatre matinee of Avenue Q at the Gladstone Theatre in the afternoon followed by clubbing later at the Lookout.

Monday: A neighbourhood social justice event or Community Gardening, coffee and a local queer history night or checking out new strains in a neighbourhood pot shop and then going for Phó or Shawarma.

Tuesday: MAX Ottawa's art night, catching a movie, finding out how to repair your bike or fixing our computers together, hitting the gym or just watching the local queer softball league.

Wednesday: Yoga on Parliament Hill at noon or book exchange night at someone's house or checking out an early poetry reading in Centretown before hooking up later at Swizzles.

Thursday: A clothes swap or a cooking session together before watching Pu-Paul’s Drag Race downtown, seeing a dance performance or catching a Fringe show at Arts Court.

Friday: Taking advantage of free evening childcare at the new Ottawa Art Gallery to hang out without your kids and see a new exhibition opening or hang out at Jackson Cafe.

Saturday: Brunch and gossip, walking your dogs, a comedy cabaret afternoon at Yuk Yuks followed by a night of Karaoke at Shanghai with China Doll.

Sunday: Cruising a farmer’s market, hiking in Gatineau, hanging out with a picnic in Dundonald park, an author's event at the Manx, a workshop on sex toys at Venus Envy or bowling at Westpark Bowling Lanes

Upcoming events (5)

OSPN Meet-up Monday: Older and Bolder

Online event

Older and Bolder is a monthly drop-in discussion group for older (50+) lesbian/bisexual women. The group had been meeting at The Good Companions but is now meeting on Zoom. This is an opportunity to connect, share life experiences and discuss the joys and challenges of this stage of life. It is facilitated by Andrea Madan, Cathy Collett and Donna Munro, who are all older lesbians and members of OSPN.

OSPN Movie Monday: International Day of Homo/Trans/Biphobia 'Milk'

Join us online at Kast for our special screenings each Monday evening. RSVP to this event and use this link to enter our exclusive movie screening room 5-10 minutes before screening time.

Official Trailer: https://youtu.be/ZLC5SzczC44

Walk-In Counselling Clinic

Centretown Community Health Centre

The LGBT2SQ+ Walk-In Counselling Clinic is every Wednesday from 12- 8 pm. Strength-based single-session counselling for LGBT2SQ+ adults, families and caregivers are provided by trained counsellors who are part of the LGBT2SQ+ communities themselves.

Free and Confidential. No appointment is necessary. Last appointment take is 6:30 pm. Ask the receptionist for walk-in clinic services

The LGBT2SQ+ clinic is a partnership with the Walk In Counselling Clinic, Jewish Family Services, Centretown CHC, and MAX Ottawa.

OSPN Teaching Thursday: Self-Care During COVID

Online event

Lonely lockdowns, Batman! How about some fresh ideas for looking after ourselves? The ones we have been using might be getting a little stale. OSPN is bringing together three members of the community that have wit and wisdom, or at the very least some practical tools to freshen up our routine. Step into our Zoom room to explore how to support our bodies, minds and spirits.

Presenters: Karen Munro-Caple, Chris Peacock and Lorie Carson
Hosted by OSPN, facilitated by Holly MacKay.

Karen is a Registered Massage Therapist and has owned and operated a massage clinic here in Ottawa for 21 years. She is also a lifelong cartoonist and has been chronicling the lighter side of the pandemic with her drawings during the last year. Karen occasionally does some stand-up comedy and has been known to be generally silly whenever possible. In this session, she will be sharing some ideas about the benefits of self-massage and the value of humor during these trying times.

Chris holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Health Administration and has worked in the healthcare field for 40 years. Seven years ago, Chris opened her own business, 2Beinflow Neurofeedback Services. In this session, Chris will be talking about and demonstrating EFT Tapping which involves tapping on specific meridians or acupressure points on the body and at the same time focusing on a past or current difficulty.

Lorie has been providing body-centred psychotherapy in Ottawa for over 30 years, and taught the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program for ten years. She will be presenting, "You Are Not Your Thoughts", a useful bit of wisdom drawn from mindfulness teachings.
Thanks to the City of Ottawa, New Horizons and United Way for funding that makes our online programming events possible.

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