Friday Nite Fitness Hike


Brisk Pace, 8-10 miles. The ongoing, every Friday night, all year 'round, Friday nite fitness hike, where we try to work up a sweat exploring the sand roads and trails of Brendan Byrne State Forest. Be prepared to walk at an average of 3.25 mph, with few breaks. Bring water and wear well broken in boots, sneakers, or shoes (sneakers are adequate for dry conditions). Socks are also important foot gear; synthetics and wool being better at preventing blisters (avoid cotton socks).

The Friday nite hike has been ongoing since possibly 1988 (we are trying to determine the correct year). It was first led by Jay Schoss - Mike & Allison Baker led from 1998 to 2015 - and Bob Hodges led from 2012 to 2019.

Leader:Jay Schoss, [masked][masked]