Approx 40 mile 14-16 mph. Urban riding, Traffic, signal stops. Restricted bridge crossing. Departs 8:00 AM after signup and safety meeting Brief stop at store for snack and bio break. Expected return about 1 PM.

Departing from Wallworth Park, 101 Borton Mill Road in Cherry Hill. Think Brace Road where Cooper River Park Drives begin. From there is twenty miles of urban riding through Cooper River Park, through Camden, over Ben Franklin Bridge, city streets to the Ben Franklin Parkway, Martin Luther King Drive (closed to traffic on weekends this time of year) and then up Kelly Drive and Main St. Then twenty miles or so back. Here's some things you should know. In Camden we would pick up the Greenway to Pine St. and the the last bit of Haddon Ave to MLK, 5th St. to the Bridge. This is city cycling. We will not be keeping our usual pace, but probably be putting out more effort due to stopping and starting. At the Ben Franklin Bridge, the South walkway is closed due to bridge construction. The North walkway is only about three feet wide for a few blocks, and that is for two-way bike/pedestrian traffic; not to mention a 25 foot stair climb to a chicane to get into this three foot wide chute. This is doable, but will take some upending for a recumbent. There are offsets around lightposts and bridge structure. No tandems. Oh, bicycles have to be walked along the narrow walkway. DRPA police write tickets for trying to ride the narrow part of the walkway. We will have to negotiate with people headed the other way to use this walkway. City traffic in Philadelphia. Cobblestone near the Ben Franklin Bridge you might want to walk. Although it's not our usual trip on open roads, I can almost guarantee fun. If you've never ridden or walked the bridge, be sure to bring your camera. This will also give you a feel for urban riding if you plan to ride BCP's ride to Brooklyn on Labor Day Sunday.

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