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Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass Hike and Potential Scramble


This is a fantastic alternative to the crowded Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass/Mt. Temple hike that offers breathtaking views of the The Valley of the Ten Peaks.

The hike will start at Moraine Lake, follow the Larch Valley trail for a bit before branching off towards Eiffel Lake and then Wenkchemna Pass. Depending on the weather and snow levels on the ground, we might potentially attempt to scramble Wenkechemna Peak.

Vital Stats

Distance: 20km round trip.

Elevation gain:

From Trail head to Eiffel Lake: 370 m
From Eiffel Lake to Wenkchemna Pass: 720 m

What I need from you is commitment and punctuality at the meeting point if you're attending as there is limited car space. Please let us know if you are willing to drive or need a ride. If you're willing to drive, please let us know if you have access to a National Park Pass.

Required gear

Comfy supportive backpack to hold this stuff (no sherpas or pack mules)
1-2 liters of water
Sturdy shoes
Comfortable shoes that will get wet or hikers
Warm socks (wool/ski/layers of socks if you have cold feet)
Warm pants (don't wear jeans, these will freeze and not be warm)
Layers of clothes (it will get hot when you get going, so you can strip/add layers as we continue)

Packed lunch and snacks
Cash - Gas money for the drivers (~10-20 per person, depending on the number of people in the car)
Gas money ($10-20 to chip in)


Hiking poles
Gaiters (think nylon leg warmers that keep rocks out of your shoe)
Dry fit type clothes (synthetic clothes for layers)
Change of clothes (including shoes/sandals) for the ride back
Victory snack/drink
Garbage bag in case your things are muddy (courtesy for drivers)


Drivers: Please comment on the board and indicate how many people you're willing to offer rides to. Please also let us know if you'd be needing a park pass.

Passengers: Please respond to a driver's comment on the board and request a ride. Simply RSVPing to this event does not guarantee you a spot in the car. It's your responsibility to arrange a ride with a driver. Please let us know if you have a park pass handy.

Thanks! Hope to see you out!

(Text credit: Kevin Tsang. Used with permission )

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