What we're about

Hi! I'm Alan Halcon, current writer for American Survival Guide and former field Editor and Writer for Wilderness Way magazine (Now Defunct), as well as having appeared in numerous books related to survival. I am also owner of http://outdoorselfreliance.com . There you can find many of my past articles.


For many years, I've traveled the country teaching and training others in Outdoor Self-Reliance and Wilderness Survival skills. I've trained everyone from civilian, to scouts, to military personnel the skills they need to help keep them alive.

Currently, I hold the world record at starting a fire by rubbing sticks together, so making fire by primitive means is a big part of what I do.

This group is for anyone who would like to add to their core knowledge of Emergency Preparedness, Survival, and Self Reliance.

All of our Meet-Ups are outdoors, in wilderness settings, where we will explore and work on different skills, with each meet-up focusing on a different topic.

Emergency Fire-Making (primitive and modern)

Rope Craft (Knots, mechanical advantage systems, making cordage)

Outfitting your kit

Land Navigation (map, compass, GPS)

Water Purification methods

Camp cooking

Useful Plants

Traps and Trapping


Communications (Signalling, Amateur Radio, etc.)



All of our meet ups will be hands-on skill based workshops.

Come check us out!

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