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Full Moon Wine Hike

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Let's go climb a mountain in the middle of the dark with a bottle of wine and a sandwich! What a great idea, right? :)

Please have a sense of humor, we'll tie you to a tree and throw leftover desserts from Sunday's potluck at you!!

** Note ** This is a multi meetup event, and is being cross posted with other groups age 20's - late 50's give or take, so you never know who you might meet.

The Plan: Leisurely pace, take it slow and hike up to Parker Mesa Overlook. This is a beginner level hike on a very wide dirt road, about 3 miles each way with an 800 foot elevation gain.

Where & When: Meet from 5:00-5:10 PM. We hit the trail at 5:15pm sharp!

Trippet Ranch
20825 Entrada Road
Topanga, CA

If you're prone to getting lost, please use ( only! Mapquest will lead you down the wrong street!

Food & Suggested items: water, bottle of wine, fruit, cheese & crackers and a sandwich.

You'll need: a towel to sit on, cup, plate, fork & knife, and at least ONE trashbag per person.

This is a wine hike, so if you choose to bring a bottle, drink responsibly and sober up before we head back to the cars. I'll take your car keys and call you a cab otherwise. No jerks, pervs or obnoxious drunks allowed!

If you attend, your mood should be:

- Happy to be there!

- Social (get involved in conversation, don't just be a fly on the wall)

- Have a sense of humor. We're a fun group!!

- Outgoing, friendly and full of chutzpah!

Parking: Parking is free on the surrounding side streets BEFORE the entrance to the park. Do NOT park in the parking lot because it closes at sunset, and your car will be ticketed.

After you park, walk past the guard shack and turn to the right down the little ramp towards the bathrooms. I will be at the picnic tables next to the bathroom from 5:00 - 5:15.

This is where the guardshack is...[masked]&lon=[masked]&zoom=18

This is where the bathrooms are...[masked]&lon=[masked]&zoom=19

Smartass questions you might have, and my equally smart answers:

1. "Are dogs allowed?" NO!! There are no dogs allowed in the park. Even so, do you really want to bring a dog on a hike with over 100 people walking around you and your pet?

2. "I don't wanna schlep/drive more than 5 miles from my house in Van Nuys for anything." DON'T frigg'n come then! Stay home! Go take a hike up to your 2nd floor balcony instead.

3. "Who else is coming, because I won't go if there's no one there my age?" This is posted on 28 other groups ages 20's - 50's. Stop being an opportunistic flake who only comes to events if there's someone signed up you want to hit on.

4. "Can I be a maybe for now, because I'm:

A. a wannabe actor who only comes to events where I can meet a casting director to star me in their next big movie.

B. a lifecoach who's looking for clients but REALLY waiting for this one girl to call me back so I can go to this thing on the westside where I can hit on more girls after my date realizes I'm a shovanistic pig and pick up artist.

C. waiting for this hot guy to ask me out who's NOT ONLY putting a downpayment on a 10,000 square foot house in beverly hills, but his ferrari's in the shop and driving a 1982 datsun in the meantime, has a picture of the supermodels he's dated on his cell phone camera (even though the photos came right off Vogue's website), sports the fake tan, AND is living at home with his mom."

NO!! Show up, come hang with US because you want to hang with US, quit bitching and complaining, and have fun... with US!

5. "Are there any hot chics coming?" YES! This is duck mating season, so the chances of seeing a flock of geese and 10 warm fuzzy newborn chics looking for bread crumbs is highly likely! AND please see #3 followed by 4.b !

6. "I'm not into hiking, and I don't want to walk with strangers up a hill at night." STAY HOME!!! Lock your doors! The sky IS falling! Can you be more anti-social? God forbid you should happen to meet someone and make a new friend.

7. "Is there a hospital nearby, because alcohol makes me allergic." Yes, about 3 hours down the hill there is a hospital. I have rabbies though, so the likelyhood of me giving you mouth to mouth is slim to none. I'll feed you to the coyotes if you die on the top of the mountain, and then we can all come back year after year to have a memorial hike in your honor. Happy? This is a WINE HIKE... hello!!

8. "Do I need any special gear to do this hike, because I have a hip replacement and I can't climb anything or go over any large rocks or boulders?" Not really, but you might want to have your eyes checked for not reading the part in the beginning saying that this is "a beginner level hike on a very wide dirt road."