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Candy Cane Lane is the unofficial moniker for for a small neighborhood in Woodland Hills which for years has been the official winter holiday lights and decoration destination. We don't know how it all got started, but a couple blocks in this area seem like residents are practically required to go all out with the Christmas decorations. In fact, it seems like the neighbors are trying their best to out-do each other

So what is Candy Cane Lane? It is a couple blocks, centered around the intersection of Oxnard and Lubao in Woodland Hills, where practically all the houses go all out with incredible holiday decorations. There are dozens of decorated houses. Some of the houses stay more traditional with lots of beautiful twinkling lights and candy canes strung from every corner of the house and trees. Others are more religious, with nativity scenes and such. Some are just all out gonzo Christmas with huge figures from Rudolph to Santa to Snowmen and more.

We must admit, some of the houses can get a bit crazy. Some go even beyond gonzo Christmas and just seem to have over-the-top scenes and figures from popular contemporary movies, even ones not related to Christmas or the winter holidays! I think we saw some pokemon, spongebob and Toy Story figures! Of note, we did see a couple houses with Hanukah decorations as well so its not 100% Christmas.

So all in all, we must admit that this place is a bit crazy in ways. It does feel a bit rediculous and over-the-top if you think about it too much. However, you can't help but enjoy slowly cruising down the roads taking it all in. It is certainly a feast for the senses if nothing else. And if you have kids, they will just love it!

How to find Candy Cane Lane:
While there isn't any kind of security or restrictions enforced, the official visiting hours are suppossedly 7pm to 9pm during the holiday season. The residents have requested that visitors do not drive by later than 10pm on weeknights and 11pm on weekends.

To get there, take the Winnetka exit off the 101 Freeway and go north. Turn right on Oxnard Street. You'll start to see the lights a block or two up, centered around Lubao Ave. There are a couple blocks around that area where the lights are most intense