Baltic Singles Vacation- Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

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13-nights, International Air (including departure tax!),

Ferry, Ground Transport, 4-Guided Tours and more - Just $3,950

August 24th - September 7th, 2019

We'll start off with Finland where we will have 3-nights in Helsinki. This trip will feature more of the great outdoors and beauty than some of our other European trips. Finland has more forest per square mile than any country in Europe, and the 11th most in the world.

Helsinki is an electrifying urban space with world-renowned design and music scenes. Embraced by the Baltic, it's a spectacular ensemble of modern and stately architecture, island restaurants and stylish and quirky bars. And the 'new Suomi' epicurean scene is flourishing, with locally foraged flavours to the fore. Finland holds seven Unesco World Heritage sites of which six are cultural and one is natural.

We will offer a tour of the fortress island Suomenlinna in Helsinki which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991 as a unique monument of military architecture. Comprising of seven car-free islands connected by bridges Suomenlinna is full of old fortresses and dungeons. Several museums, former bunkers and fortress walls, as well as Finland's only remaining WWII submarine, are fascinating to explore.

Another tour that we have in mind is a visit to the town of Porvoo. Picturesque Porvoo, the second-oldest town in Finland, invites exploration and offers historical treasures, design shops, fashion and fine dining. Founded nearly 800 years ago, For centuries, the city has served as both a home and a source of inspiration for many Finnish artists. A river flows through the city, passing Porvoo's most well-known landmarks: its red shore houses.

Now we will take a road trip to our next destination - Estonia. We will have 3-nights in the capital of Tallinn. Estonia offers visitors to experience the spirit of the Medieval Ages, omnipresent in the cobblestone streets and buildings of Tallinn. We will soak up the history while exploring the medieval old city but Estonia also features some wonderful natural resources. With close to 1,500 lakes and along the shores of which are situation Estonia's unique Russian village communities. In addition to its lakes, Estonia also has over 200 natural spring-fed rivers.

Next up is the small country of Latvia. Again, we will enjoy a nice road trip with beautiful scenery in route from Estonia to Latvia and enjoy some stops along the way. We will be staying in the capital of Riga at a beautiful 4-star hotel just steps from the Old Town. Latvia boasts they are among the world's greenest countries. We took in a couple of great tours here including an off-road experience where we were all allowed to drive the jeeps through mud and rivers! Check out my video!

Lastly, we will wrap up our trip with a stay in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. A land of wood and water.Lithuania (Lietuva) is fast being recognized as one of Europe's gems. The country is full of preserved natural landscapes, woods, lakes and rivers, and has an unique sea side, with Curonian split, a sandy peninsula, isolating the Curonian sea from the Baltic sea.

Sites protected by Unesco are charming historic centre of Vilnius; the Kernave Archaeological Site, which boasts a testimony to some 10,000 years of human settlement; and the Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of markers linking 10 countries across Europe.

We have much more information on this trip on our web page including write-ups on our hotels.