FREE Multi-groups Local Urban Trail Hike- Marian Bear Park ~ 4 miles!

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Every 3rd Sunday of the month

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Relatively easy exercise and still FREE multi-meetups group events HERE !

Easy mostly flat trail hike after initial short steep access down from the cul-de-sac at North end of Biltmore St. in North Clairemont.

Wonderful initial forest-type canopy over the wide dirt trail alongside a little creek with ponds, until coming out into the main broad hiking trail in the center of San Clemente Canyon/Marion Bear Park.

Many huge sycamores and oaks in this City open-space park with a wide main trail and small stream with some ponds that may have minnows and some orange crawdads if you are lucky/observant enough and go in the wetter season.

Some birds so if you bring binos you may be able to ID different species. We saw a big hawks soaring overhead last time, and previously a little skink on trail- SKINK not skunk.

Previously last year we saw lizards, rabbits, ducks, a rare iridescent golden bumble bee, a beehive, a huge great blue heron startled us on a previous hike there as it flew from a pond 15 feet away, and even a tiny snake last summer... Also we have had a closeup of a redhead woodpecker that popped out of its hollow and stared us down from the tree trunk close by the beehive.

Great place to exercise walk and commune with nature for a little while as we tune out any noise from H52 which runs along the North side of San Clemente Canyon. There is some poison oak growing under the trees and off the trail, but we don't venture off the trail or into any bushes so we don't touch it.

Meet us BY 1pm at the North end of Biltmore St, at the trailhead post on sidewalk there.

Early parking in the cul-de-sac, later comers please park up the hill by Capehart St. Please don't block anyone's driveway.

We have a bunch coming from hiking groups also. Quite a big friendly group usually assembles there for this casual fun local hike. Be on time!

Dress appropriate for the weather/temp ( any rain cancels ) and wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring a bottle of water and your camera, hat and sunscreen, binos if you like to see birds up close.

Park bathroom is about halfway along this hike. None at trailhead.

We sometimes get a nice big group for these easy urban park hikes, as you can see with this full bridge. Relatively easy exercise and still FREE multi-meetups group events HERE !