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What we’re about

Welcome to the Outer Cape Hiking Club.
Our club offers a variety of hikes ranging from easy to strenuous in expected exertion level. We hike all over the Cape, from the Canal to Race Point, and usually go for scenic hikes or hikes that bring life to the history of a particular area.  We hike year round as weather permits and average several hikes/week.  We occasionally do hikes off-Cape, too.
The purpose of this Meetup is to get people together who want to get out and enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod. This club is for people who enjoy a hike that leaves them satisfied with the physical level of exertion, the enjoyment of the outdoors and all the refreshment a hike with other people has to offer the body and the mind. It provides an opportunity to enjoy nature in the company of other adults without the distraction of cellphones, kids or dogs. And, don’t underestimate the social aspects of hiking with a group. Our experience has shown the benefits of hiking and conversation - before you know it, you’ve done 3 miles!
These hikes are not for children under 18. Guests are usually welcome on hikes as long as the member believes his or her guest’s abilities match the Hike Level. A word about dogs - personally, I love dogs but have come to realize there are many people who are afraid of dogs, even small, well-behaved ones. This Meetup is meant to appeal to a wide variety of people, so we usually will not be taking our dogs. Having said that, we occasionally do some hikes where dogs are specifically included and pre-announced in the hike write-up.
We strive to do at least one hike midweek and at least one on the weekend. Hikes are scheduled on no particular day of the week and usually based on weather and the hike leader's schedule. Similarly, a hike can be scheduled for just about any time of day, sometimes dependent on tides, sunset time, etc. or even traffic considerations. Cancellations will be posted at least an hour before the event is scheduled to start.
We do consider biking and kayaking on occasion when there is interest among the members and leaders. 
For your safety and that of others in the group, please keep a current photo of yourself as your main profile picture. The recommended minimum hiking gear includes a good pair of hiking boots, a water bottle and a blaze orange vest (for hunting season safety).
The Outer Cape Hiking Club offers good exercise, good company and opportunities to explore Cape Cod - all at no charge. What else could you ask for? Put yourself first, make some friends, have some fun and improve your outlook.
See you on the trails, 
Marc Mahoney
Mobile: (401) 451-1242