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My Name is Diyanat Ali, I am an adventurer, outdoor and experiential educator. After Founding and Nurturing the adventure community in hyderabad through the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, My new passion is Outdoor and Experiential Education for community and professional development. While the professional and organisational development for schools and corporates will be taken care by www.outlife.in, This initiative will be for the benefit of the community.

The Outlife Experiential Education Meetup will focus upon the philosophy and practices of experiential and education for the purposes of Human Potential Development. This will include facilitation and process work to enhance life skills, intrapersonal, interpersonal and group work from participation in range of outdoor activities comprising of outdoors, adventure, nature, camping and outdoor cooperative games.

The actvities are run by certified and accredited experiential and outdoor educators.

You can join and participate or volunteer or become an outdoor educator.

Diyanat Ali

Experiential Educator.

Founder, GHAC

Founder, CELOL



Past events (11)

Cooperative Play Facilitation Workshop -21-22 July

Mustafa Lodge, Old Nasr School

Hut Building Camp - For Children

Divya Retreat

Play for Peace Facilitator Training


Wilderness First Aid Certification -2- 3-4 Dec



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