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Meetup is great, but have you ever noticed how many of the social groups for people over 20-30 are singles groups? That one looks cool,... damn, can't do that. That's an event I'd like,... nope, can't do that. It's not that I begrudge that at all, I just want to have some fun with a cool group of people too.

There's also the kid thing - I love kids in moderation but choose not to have my own. When you have kids, it is natural they are a huge and important part of your life - but don't you want to get away from them sometimes, or are they old enough to be getting away from you?

Lots of hiking groups, lots of photography, lots of sports and positive energy and lots and lots of technology (hey, we're in the bay area, eh?). Not a lot of options for people who aren't in their 20's or 30's, aren't looking for a relationship as the reason for joining the group, don't have kids or would like to take some time away from them, and aren't particularly interested in drinking themselves under the table (unless it is really good wine).

So.... I'm creating this group to see if there is enough interest to organize events and meet new people who find the 1000's of options on Meetup not quite the right fit for, well, meeting people to make friends and socialize; that don't necessarily fit into some of the more common groups that Meetup has a lot of. Professional people, artists, educators, office workers, people that get to see daylight in their jobs... in relationships, not in relationships, men, women, (other) ; size, shape, color, religion and partner preferences not relevant. Wanting to meet people and having a positive attitude is.

If you're in a relationship, bring your partner. If you aren't, come meet some folks and maybe meet someone in a less "charged" environment. Oh, and the 40 thing - that's a guideline. I was 45 when I started this, I'm now 51. Are you an old soul in your 30's? Young at heart in your 50's? Hop on board and we'll see where this heads.

This is an experiment, I'm describing what I'm looking for to make some new connections, not knowing if there are enough others out there on Meetup to make a go of a group. I'm not planning to profit from this, this isn't a "front" for a business or event planning company of some kind. If there are enough of us I'll work out what the majority of folks would like to do first and set something up. I'm not expecting that in general things will be a lot of $$, but I'm not saying they will all be free either.

If you decide to attend an event, the expense covers the cost of you doing whatever we are doing, no less, no more. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns (or objections) relating to the formation of this group.

We'll see how many people sign up in the next month or so and go from there.

Ok, so 700+ signed up. I may be on to something here.... Tim - Organizer.

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From member Michael Carion: I would like to suggest something that would be awesome to add on the Over 40 timeline. Motorcycle Ride to the Top of the Sierras overnight trip. The plan would be to depart the SF Bay Area early Saturday morning. We will take an amazing Sierra highway up the mountain and spend the night in Carson City. In Carson City, we will dine and hangout. The following morning, we ride down another amazing highway and back to the Bay Area. I have been leading tours for 15 years. I currently have a motorcycle business in San Francisco. I am currently a 22 year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Dept. Feel free to contact me for further information. Once I know what the level of interest is for the group, I'll communicate potential dates, times, costs, etc to people that are interested. Cordially, Michael Carion calspeed.com [masked]

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