Kayak at Alder Lake


We'll meet at the boat launch at Alder Lake Park. I've driven by Alder Lake countless times and always want to explore but haven't, so I'm not certain of the best way to launch kayaks, hence the boat launch at the park seems the safest plan. If anyone has experience and/or advice, please share!


Bring sunblock, water bottles, snacks, kayaks, life vest and hat/sunglasses. I'm an amateur kayaker, I usually kayak around and stop to look for critters - if that doesn't suit you I figure we can all explore how we prefer (but should be with at least one partner for safety).

I have an extra 2 person inflatable kayak that 2 folks are free to borrow - and I have 3 extra life vests to loan out.

Per the website there is a $5 day use charge on weekends (not weekdays) so we shouldn't have to pay.

I made it late in the afternoon so that we don't bake in the sun - if some of you work and need it even later, say 5:30 or 6pm, please let me know and we'll see how best to accommodate everyone who RSVP's. :)