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Thank you for considering joining or welcome if you are now a new member of our Singles group.

This group is for those who are Single/Inbetween (just out of a relationship/separated or maybe not ready to commit yet but are NOT married/in a committed relationship) over 30 who want to socialize with other singles and make new friends.

Maybe all your friends are married/settled? Maybe you are new in town? If so, this is the group for you to join and attend events, meet other single members in a comfortable, safe, fun environment.

Don't be shy/worried attending events alone, as the majority of people come alone. On arrival and up to 10pm, the host will be there to meet you on arrival and introduce you to others, if needed. Anyone arriving after 10pm is considered a no- show.

No shows will be removed from the group,

This group is strictly for all Over 30's plus, so anyone over that age are included and welcome!

Join up for our events, but please make sure you RSVP if you are attending and please let the Organizer/Event Host know if you are unable to attend an event that you have already said Yes to by simply updating your RSVP to No, and this needs to be done BEFORE the event time, and not after the start time as it will be too late after, as the event will have started and you will go down as a no-show. Arriving after 10pm is also a no show. If for some reason you can no longer attend an event that you RSVP’d for please give at least 48 hours notice. Thanks.

***No-Shows will be removed from the group, as it takes only a few seconds to change your RSVP and I give plenty of reminders, but members will only receive them if their notifications are switched on. All events are strictly members only, so no plus ones (friends) This is for the safety of all members and Organisers/Hosts.***

Members that have not attended an event in over 4 months may be removed, as it is assumed you are no longer interested in the group/ no longer single/ no longer living in Ireland.

Rarely, will I have a "waiting list" for events if there is a restriction on numbers for a reserved venue I will allow above the required numbers to RSVP and then close the event when full and allow for people that cancel to bring the numbers back down, that way if you are interested in attending an event you will need to get your name down when the event is posted or soon after while it is still open for RSVP's.

***If there is a waiting list, I will manage it and add members that are regulars that respect the RSVP list, or try and keep a gender balance, so when a person cancels it will not automatically take the next member onto the going list. If your name is on the waiting list you will need to update it like you would if you were on the going list and keep an eye on it.*** Thank you.

One last requirement, you will need to upload a recent recognisable photo of yourself only (no group photo accepted) with your name (no usernames etc), this needs to be the same name that you will introduce yourself to the organiser and members as, at an event when you apply or you will be moved into the not going list. Same applies if you by-pass the question that all members are asked when you RSVP to an event.

For existing members, on RSVPing you also need to do same, this is so the organiser can recognise/identify members at ease when they attend an event and for their safety also. If you RSVP to an event with no photo you will be removed to “not going” and will not be able to attend the event. This is a private group, so your photo will only be visible to other members.

Members may only have one profile.

Thank you :)

Kind Regards,

Alison- Organiser.

P.s Looking forward to meeting you at one of our events soon! :)

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