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What we're about

Get connected with other professional women in the GTA who are redefining what “having it all” means in every area of their lives. You are high energy, focused on your goals & driven AF. Plans for world domination come to mind :) You’ve got high-achieving dreams, and all women are welcome here.

Basically, you've got your shit together. You are a fun, focused and ambitious woman who has already done her due diligence with Danielle Laporte, Gabby Bernstein & Marie Forleo. You've already got Super Soul Sundays and Tim Ferriss rocking on your podcast, and now you need a place to actually APPLY all this knowledge and make it stick. This is a place for women who do it all. They are proud of their driving ambition, ready to find actionable strategies to uplevel their lives and make some incredible friends along the way.

This community is a collective of professional women who are awake to the fact that connecting deeply to your goals is part of making it happen. Here, you will find an outrageously fun group to go deep with, and talk about what REALLY matters as you build your empire, inside corporate or out.

What do I get?

- Friendships that happen naturally when you are connecting with other driven, inspired overachievers like you.

- A collective that is facilitated by a certified leadership coach, in a relaxed and cozy environment.

- Help with professional development, goal creation, leadership development, confidence, resilience, speaking and more!

Come to this Meetup if you:

- Are looking for meaningful connections with a group of like-minded women.

- Want to learn more about yourself and develop your ability to lead.

- Have read a jillion books about personal development and you want to actually APPLY all this stuff you’ve read.

- Are interested in getting some complimentary coaching, or are willing to be coached at a workshop :)

- Feel overwhelmed with your life and want to bring some order & peace back in.

- Want to find some fun, energy, and inspiration, learning to sustain it when you go home.

How does the group work?

Once a month your host Danika will facilitate a wildly fun experiential workshop, where you can come and learn specific actionable skills to bring into your life. There are also opportunities to socialize, join group masterminds, online programs, and fun events! Get the opportunity to rediscover yourself, get coached and re-invent who you are - inside & out.

** Guest presenters are welcomed and encouraged! If you are interested in doing your own workshop, contact Danika with your workshop outline **

Join now and be the first to hear about our workshops & seminars on leadership, personal growth, and professional development. If there are topics or themes YOU would like to explore, make sure to let Danika know at

About Danika:

Danika Zoe helps driven individuals step into their version of personal leadership, free from the anxiety and perfectionism that comes from being an overachiever. She believes there is a great leader inside of everyone, and her life's work is to help unlock that brilliance in others. As a coach, Danika gets to work with passionate, ambitious and fiery humans who are leading the charge towards a new vision of heart-centered leadership for the world. She empowers her clients to courageously lead “from the front”, creating a life in which they feel truly connected to their purpose.

Danika is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and is a graduate of the prestigious CTI Leadership Program. She is the founder of the OSW Community and the owner of Fearless Leadership Coaching Co.

RSVP Policy:

If you RSVP for an event please attend. If you cannot attend, kindly change your RSVP to “not attending” - food and supplies for the workshops are bought based on these numbers, so please honor your integrity and mine :) There is no charge to be a member of this group, but there is a minimal fee to attend workshops, due to space rental, food, etc. This is a private group, event location details will be revealed only if you are a member.

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