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This meetup is a tentative effort to help overcome addiction and clinical depression through yoga and meditation.

Urge to administer drugs is an intimate experience. We can clearly distinguish ourselves as distinct from experience of things outside our body and mind. Therefore, things like garments or the world around us cannot influence us against our wish. However, we cannot clearly distinguish ourselves as distinct from intimate experiences like physical and mental impulses, emotions, strong belief systems, overwhelming thoughts, and urges of addictions. We identify ourselves with them and end up being controlled by them. Therefore these relatively intimate experiences has control over us and can influence our behavior. Besides some of us has lost connection to our true self and some of us are weak to resist temptations.

We offer a yoga and meditation therapy designed to strengthen you internally so that your resolve is strengthened and urge is weakened. The therapy is designed to make a positive change in body chemistry and vital force through natural means of breathing patterns entwined with certain focus of awareness. This can have a detoxifying effect on the body over a period of time after regular practice and discipline. This therapy can also improve health, prevent future complications of health, and prevent relapse back in to addiction. This therapy can also help with clinical depression due to it's peculiar effect on body chemistry and circulation of vital force.

This therapy can be an important holistic, but one, factor in overcoming addiction. This therapy cannot make up for lack of professional counseling and professional rehabilitation treatments. This therapy cannot nullify factors that drive you towards addiction or depression. Therefore we urge you to supplement this therapy with your conventional addiction rehabilitation treatment.

We also offer free introductory sessions on meditation under the theme "Choiceless Awareness Through Yoga" hosted on Meetup, Princeton.

If you would like to attend the sessions please RSVP since the space is limited. If possible, please do not eat anything 3 hours before the session. Parking is available. Please bring your own yoga mat and pillow (if you have). Session is free to participate however, we accept minimum donation of $5. Donation is not compulsory.

If you have any queries please e-mail at onawarenessly@gmail.com

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