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Ay caramba! Are you 50 or over? Do you live in North or Central Hants (or further afield if you're happy to travel there)? Do you want to meet new people in friendly settings? Then join the only meetup group named after a Mexican delicacy. We are a relaxed social group offering walks, evenings out, live music and much more. Members are welcome to suggest and host events if they wish - we really want a Group that’s fun for everyone.

There’s no membership fee, just the Membership Terms shown below. Please answer the question confirming that you are happy with these and provide a recognisable photo of yourself when you request membership.

So what are you waiting for? Dig out that sombrero and head for the fun.

Nachos Terms of Membership

By applying for membership of the Nachos Meetup Group you confirm your agreement to the following terms:

1. You must register with a recognisable photo of yourself and at least a genuine first name, so that others know who you are at events and to discourage misuse of the Meetup platform.

2. Nachos is about meeting and socialising and is not a dating site: pestering will result in a member being removed from the Group.

3. Nachos events are only for those who have agreed to these Terms of Membership and guests are not permitted.

4. Organisers are volunteers and not professional event organisers and it is up to you to take responsibility for your own safety and not to put yourself or others in danger.

5. Organisers accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage, howsoever caused, from members signing up.

6. As with most Meetup groups Nachos web pages can be seen by anybody so don’t put personal information in general messages and comments. The Internet makes it easy for people to pretend to be somebody else so be vigilant when exchanging mails, accepting lifts or similar.

7. Members must be considerate to others. Harassment and abusive language or messages will result in offenders being removed from the Nachos group.

8. If you would like to attend a social or walking event please accept the invite ASAP but please update the site if you have to cancel at a later date. This helps us identify what’s popular and avoids the possibility of an event being cancelled due to apparent lack of interest.

9. Meals are different. Making a reservation for a dozen people and only have six turn up puts the organiser in a difficult position and gives the Group a bad reputation for future events. Don’t book for a meal unless you intend to come, and let the Organiser know immediately if something unforeseen crops up. Those who cancel on the day of the meal more than twice can expect to be limited to a Wait List for future events.

10. Walks are great opportunities to mix and chat whilst enjoying the countryside or visiting interesting locations. But it is up to you to make sure that you are fit enough for the event and to look after your own personal safety during the walk. This includes having the right clothing and accessories for the conditions, e.g. water, sun cream, floppy hat and waterproofs. Unless stated in the invite, dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved and kept on a leash when appropriate - see the Kennel Club’s Countryside Code for guidance. By bringing a dog you agree that the Event Organiser has sole discretion in requiring it to be kept on a lead, or for you and your canine friend to leave the walk.

11. Members who have not visited the Nachos website for more than six months will be removed from the Group.

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