Community purification lodge


3 reasons to participate in a purification lodge:

1. Re-establish/strengthen one's connection to Spirit through prayer

2. For healing physically and spiritually

3. For seeking guidance from Spirit

(details below)

Theme to be determined

Those that have never been in a Sweet Medicine SunDance purification Lodge are asked to come 30 minutes early (12:30 PM) for orientation or call be for same. [masked]

How to prepare: eat lightly, make sure you are well hydrated, do not be under the influence alcohol or mind altering drugs. Know that you are healthy enough to go into a hot, dark steamy space.

What to bring with you: water to drink before, during and after the lodge; a snack to share after the lodge, 2 towels, something light and comfortable to wear in the lodge, a cover up and footwear for going to the lodge; 2-3 heart gifts/medicine gifts and tobacco to honor the energy given on your behalf.

There is no charge for the ceremony.

Donations for lodge maintenance are appreciated.

There is a class @ 10am before this lodge that you are also welcome at.